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Our firm has broad litigation experience in criminal defence, professional discipline and licensing. We represent individuals and corporations on all criminal charges and defend health care practitioners and members of professional organizations in regulatory proceedings.

Posner Craig Stein LLP provides sophisticated and strategic advocacy for individuals and corporations facing criminal or regulatory charges. We work in a thoughtful, collaborative and exhaustive manner – in and out of the courtroom – to secure optimal results. PCS is synonymous with exceptional and discrete client service.


Partners (L-R): Richard Posner, Gabriel Gross-Stein, Alison Craig

Sophisticated, Strategic, and Thoughtful Advocacy

Richard Posner


Richard Posner is the managing partner of Posner Craig Stein (“PCS”) and serves as counsel to TTL Health Law, a full-service firm for health practitioners and businesses.


For over 25 years, Mr. Posner has acted for individuals and corporations facing criminal, quasi-criminal and regulatory prosecution. His litigation practice is devoted to serious and complex cases at the trial and appellate level. He frequently conducts trials before judges, juries and regulatory tribunals and argues cases in the Court of Appeal for Ontario. His appellate experience extends to the Divisional Court, the Tax Court of Canada and the Supreme Court of Canada.


Mr. Posner advises individuals and corporations under audit and investigation by government and professional regulatory authorities. He regularly provides clients with strategic guidance on regulatory compliance and licensure in a variety of professional disciplines and in the commercial transport and financial service sectors. As a veteran criminal defence counsel, Mr. Posner has a mastery in the defence of alcohol-related driving offences and fatal motor vehicle collision cases. He also has considerable experience in complex fraud prosecutions and cases under the Income Tax Act and the Ontario Securities Act. Mr. Posner routinely provides advice to lawyers throughout Ontario in the handling of homicide and sexual assault cases.


Prior to forming PCS, Mr. Posner served as the managing partner of Lockyer, Campbell, Posner for 17 years. In his capacity as an articling principal since 2005, Mr. Posner has continuously acted as a teacher and mentor to many law students. He is a member of the Ontario Criminal Lawyers Association and a graduate of Osgoode Hall Law School (class of 1995). Mr. Posner is also a long-distance runner and a classical pianist.


Mr. Posner can be reached through his assistant, Christa Wong, at +1.416.391.2118 ext. 228.

Alison Craig


Alison Craig is a founding partner of Posner Craig Stein. She graduated from the University of Guelph in 2002 with an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. In 2005, Alison graduated from Queen’s University Law School. While a student at Queen’s, she volunteered for three years at the John Howard Society, serving as Vice President of the Board of Directors in her final year.


While she was in Kingston, Alison worked for the Correctional Law Project, a legal clinic run through Queen’s University. As an employee of the clinic, she represented federal prison inmates at their disciplinary court trials and parole hearings. She still conducts parole hearing for clients throughout Ontario. She has also represented clients before regulatory and licensing tribunals such as the Law Society of Upper Canada and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.


In 2005, Alison joined Lockyer Campbell Posner as an articling student and after her Call to the Bar in 2006, joined the firm as an associate. In 2011, Alison was made a partner at the firm. She remained there until starting Posner, Craig & Stein.


In 2007 and 2008, Alison represented nine individuals at the Inquiry into Pediatric Forensic Pathology in Ontario who were convicted of homicides as a result of the flawed pathology work of Dr. Charles Smith. In the years since the Inquiry concluded, several of those convictions have been quashed by the Ontario Court of Appeal.


Alison has successfully conducted hundreds of trials at both the provincial and superior court levels. She specializes in defending people charged with murder, sexual assault, and drug offences. She has successfully defended persons accused of offences ranging from mischief to murder.


In addition to her trial work, Alison has argued conviction and sentence appeals at the Summary Conviction Appeals Court for Ontario, the Ontario Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada.

Gabriel Gross-Stein


Gabriel Gross-Stein is a founding partner of Posner Craig Stein. His practice includes the defence of individuals and corporations charged with criminal, regulatory, and disciplinary offences. His extensive preparation, skill, and experience lead to excellent outcomes for his clients, in and out of the courtroom.


Gabriel has had success at all levels of Court in Ontario, where he has conducted hundreds of trials, hearings, and applications. Gabriel regularly argues appeals before the Court of Appeal for Ontario. His focus is on providing you with the best possible result, and protecting your employment, reputation, and freedom. You can be sure that you will receive the best possible defence with him. Gabriel has successfully defended all types of criminal offences, from impaired driving, fraud, and sexual assault to first degree murder.


Gabriel has developed particular expertise in defending professionals before their regulatory bodies, including lawyers before the Law Society of Ontario and health professionals before the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. He appears regularly before professional regulatory authorities.


Gabriel also defends individuals who are sought for extradition, in the Superior Court of Justice at the judicial phase, and in drafting submissions to the Minister for the ministerial phase.


Gabriel holds an honours degree in Classics from the University of Kings College. He graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2012, where he developed an intense focus in criminal law. While at Osgoode Hall, he was a member of the Innocence Project, which seeks to exonerate those who were wrongly convicted.


Gabriel joined Lockyer Campbell Posner in 2013 and was made a partner in 2019. In 2022, he formed Posner Craig Stein LLP with his partners, Richard Posner and Alison Craig.

Lance Beechener


Lance Beechener graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School in 2004 and was called to the Ontario Bar in 2005. He articled and was Crown counsel at the Crown Law Office – Criminal, where argued appeals regularly at the Court of Appeal for Ontario.


Lance joined the criminal defence bar in 2007 as an associate at a well-known downtown law firm where he worked on a wide variety of trial and appellate matters. In 2010, he became a sole practitioner, focusing exclusively on criminal law, with a particular interest in defending clients charged with drug offences. He has appeared in both the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of justice all over Ontario. From 2014 to 2022, Lance was an associate lawyer at Lockyer Campbell Posner. His practice focused primarily on criminal appeals, in particular representing persons convicted of murder. In 2022, he joined Posner Craig Stein.

Alexandra Mamo


Alexandra is an experienced trial lawyer who has successfully defended clients facing a wide variety of charges, including impaired driving, aggravated assault, sexual assault, robbery and possession and trafficking of drugs and firearms. Alexandra has obtained many acquittals at both the provincial and superior court levels, and has successfully argued for the exclusion of guns and drugs based on police violations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Alexandra has experience contesting Dangerous and Long-Term Offender applications. She has successfully defended clients who the Attorney General of Ontario sought to have designated dangerous offenders and imprisoned indefinitely. Alexandra has secured acquittals for many individuals charged with sexual assault, and is particularly skilled in this sensitive and complicated area of the law. Alexandra Mamo graduated from the University of Guelph with an honours degree in Criminal Justice and Public Policy in 2011. She completed her Juris Doctor at Western University in 2014 and was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2015.


Alexandra gained experience in criminal defense law early on in law school from working at Western University’s renowned legal aid clinic: Community Legal Services. As a caseworker, and later the clinic’s head student supervisor, Alexandra represented individuals charged with various summary criminal offences, such as: mischief, assault and drug possession. Upon graduating from Western Law, Alexandra received the Colin D. Leitch Award, which is given to the student who shows the greatest potential for success as a practitioner in Criminal Law. Alexandra further received the Genest Murray Award in Advocacy for displaying outstanding skills in advocacy, and the David C. Scott Memorial Award for her contribution to the law school and to the London community.

James Mencel


James specialises in all aspects of criminal litigation, including bail hearings, trials, constitutional applications, and appeals. He is committed to providing the best defence possible to his clients and firmly believes that guilty pleas should be entered only as a last resort. James has a reputation for holding the police and state accountable, exposing police misconduct, and ensuring his client’s rights are protected.


James completed his Juris Doctor degree at Osgoode Hall Law School. He also holds an honours degree in History and Music from Queen’s University where he graduated with distinction. While in Osgoode, James a student caseworker and then a criminal law division leader at the school’s legal clinic (CLASP), successfully defending clients securing withdrawal and acquittals in summary conviction offences. James also worked as a research assistant for a notable professor, researching areas such as access to justice and the provision of legal services and low-income individuals.


After graduation, James articled at a prominent criminal defence firm, which he then joined as an associate following his call to the bar. James regularly appears before all levels of court in Ontario and has successfully defended clients charged with serious offences in both judge alone and jury trials. James joined Posner Craig Stein in 2022 where he continues to defend his clients with diligence and respect, no matter the alleged offence.


You can reach James on his personal cell phone at +1.416.859.6022.

Fiona McNestry


Fiona is committed to protecting the rights and dignity of her clients. She regularly appears before the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice and takes pride in diligently preparing for each stage of criminal proceedings —from pre-charge and bail to trial and discharge planning. She also appears before the Ontario Review Board, Ontario Parole Board and National Parole Board.


Fiona secures excellent results for her clients. She represents individuals charged with a wide range of criminal offences, from impaired driving/”over 80” and fraud to sexual and domestic assaults, and firearm and drug offences. She is dedicated to achieving the best possible results in each case. As part of her practice, Fiona connects individuals in crisis to community supports in order to assist in their defence and general well-being beyond the criminal justice system.


Fiona joined a respected Toronto law firm after her call to the bar, where she developed a keen interest in assisting individuals facing mental health issues. Fiona joined Lockyer Campbell Posner as an associate in 2019 and remained there until joining Posner Craig Stein in 2022.While her primary focus is criminal law, Fiona also takes on select civil and regulatory cases.


Fiona graduated from the University of Toronto, Trinity College, with an honours degree in Psychology and Ethics. In 2016, she completed her Juris Doctor at Western University, where she gained valuable experience in client advocacy as a caseworker at Western University’s Legal Aid Clinic, Community Legal Services. While at Western, Fiona clerked at the Ontario Court of Justice in Scarborough and completed an internship with Peacebuilders Canada. She was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2017. Fiona continues to work closely with Peacebuilders Canada, and has been the Co-Chair of their annual fundraising gala, Spring for Peace, for two years.

Tamar Bitton


Tamar Bitton is an associate at Posner Craig Stein and practices in criminal defence at the trial and appellate levels.


Tamar’s passion for criminal law stems from her desire to help individuals navigate the complexities and injustices of the criminal justice system. Tamar fights relentlessly every day for her clients’ rights to ensure that their Charter rights are respected and upheld. Tamar is passionate about protecting her clients’ rights at trial and approaches every case with skill, tenacity, and creativity. She will fearlessly advocate on your behalf to ensure the best possible defence.


At Western Law, Tamar worked at Community Legal Services where she defended individuals charged with summary offences. She also received a placement at the Ontario Court of Justice in Scarborough where she worked closely with the Honourable Justice Philip Downes and gained valuable judicial insight into the criminal justice system.


Tamar was a summer student and completed her articles at a top criminal defence firm in downtown Toronto. Prior to joining Posner Craig Stein, she was an associate partner at a firm in downtown Toronto where she managed her own practice and successfully defended clients charged with a wide range of criminal offences.


Tamar frequently appears for clients in both the Ontario Court of Justice and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. Tamar has experience defending clients at bail hearings, Charter motions, sentencing hearings, preliminary hearings, and trials. Tamar has also appeared at the Ontario Court of Appeal.

Brendan Monk


Brendan is committed to defending the liberty and dignity of people accused of criminal offences. He works tirelessly at every stage of the criminal process to secure the best possible results for his clients.


Brendan earned an honours degree in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Toronto, graduating with high distinction. His interest in political and moral philosophy led him to pursue a Juris Doctor at Osgoode Hall Law School, where he focused on criminal and constitutional law.


While at Osgoode, Brendan enrolled in the Criminal Law Intensive Program, which offered immersive instruction on the practice of criminal law by directors Jonathan Rosenthal and the Honourable Justice Vincenzo Rondinelli. As part of the program, he interned at the defence firm Lockyer Campbell Posner, which saw him work with senior counsel on serious trial and appellate matters.


After graduating from law school, Brendan articled at a well-known criminal defence firm in Hamilton. Once called to the bar, he joined the firm as an associate and built a busy trial practice. He appears regularly at both the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice and has represented individuals charged with a wide range of criminal offences from sexual assault and domestic violence to firearm and drug charges, driving offences, and fraud.


Brendan joined Posner Craig Stein as an associate in 2022, where he continues to resolutely defend individuals charged with criminal offences in jurisdictions across Ontario.

Zaid Shams


Zaid is committed to holding the police and state accountable for their actions. He earned his honours bachelor’s degree from Victoria College at the University of Toronto in Cognitive Science and International Relations. In 2021, he completed his Juris Doctor at the University of Manitoba where he earned Research Excellence and Engagement Distinction and graduated with the David and Myrna Bowman Prize for highest academic standing in Evidence. Zaid was also selected to compete in the Faculty of Law’s internal Negotiation Competition and the Solomon Greenberg Trial Advocacy Competition.


Zaid was a summer student at the Legal Help Centre of Winnipeg where he had carriage of his own civil and family files. He subsequently completed his articles at a well-known defence firm in Winnipeg specializing in defending drug offences. He joined Posner Craig Stein as an associate in 2022 shortly after being called to the Ontario bar. He appears regularly at both the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice and is building a broad criminal trial and appellate practice.

Christa Wong

Office Manager

Christa Wong is the office manager of Posner, Craig, Stein.


Ms. Wong graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in urban and regional planning in 2003. Before joining Posner, Craig, Stein, for over 14 years, Ms. Wong served as a senior executive assistant at Lockyer, Campbell, Posner. She is knowledgeable in all areas of Ontario’s criminal court system and provides thoughtful guidance and assistance to the lawyers and clients of the firm. She is an exceptional manager. Ms. Wong is fluent in the Cantonese language and can be reached at +1.416.391.2118 ext. 228.

Cathy Nguyen Paralegal

Cathy Nguyen


Cathy Nguyen is a paralegal at Posner Craig Stein.


Ms. Nguyen is a licensed paralegal and attended the University of Toronto in the Political Science and Environmental Studies program before transferring to the paralegal program at Centennial College, which she graduated from in 2021. Before joining Posner Craig Stein, she served as a paralegal at an employment law firm. Her desire to help people navigate the legal system led her to Posner Craig Stein where she provides administrative support to the team.
She can be reached at
+1.416.391.2118 ext. 221.

Criminal Defence, Regulatory, and Professional Discipline Counsel

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