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We represent those who are accused of criminal offences.


Put your trust in our highly-skilled, professional team of experienced criminal defence lawyers.



If you’re charged with a criminal offence, you have the right to select a renowned law firm that will defend you throughout the process. Given the severity of the consequences of a criminal conviction, this is the most important decision you will ever make. Our law firm comes with one goal – to help you professionally solve legal problems in a fast, discreet, and efficient manner. We know a lot is at stake and leave nothing to chance when addressing your legal issue.


PCS law firm has decades of experience handling criminal offence trials and appeals. Our legal team has appeared in almost all levels of criminal court. Our criminal lawyers will bring experience, skillfulness and a tailored defence that is designed to address the client’s unique circumstances. Our clients come from all walks of life. We’ve served professionals, families and organizations in London who find themselves in trouble with the criminal justice system. When you come to us, we will approach your matter with utmost dedication and work relentlessly to serve your best interests.



PCS is recognized as one of the leading criminal law firms in London. Collectively, our legal team has argued hundreds of cases at all levels. We are known to judges and prosecutors all over London and throughout Ontario.






Homicide offences are among the most serious and complex charges that anyone can face in London. The penalty you may face if convicted of murder is life imprisonment. Whether you just found out that you’re being investigated for homicide or you’ve already been convicted and charged with murder, consult our London criminal lawyer immediately. We understand that the thought of facing a homicide charge can be scary and confusing. It’s important to take steps that will protect your rights and freedom. PCS brings decades of experience in homicide cases. Our lawyers have the skills to defend those charged with murder and fight for them to get the results. We begin by thoroughly reviewing your case details to uncover the strengths and weaknesses before we can advise the best way to proceed.


  • Skillfully cross-examine witnesses
  • Prepare strong legal arguments
  • Deliver powerful jury addresses
  • Leave nothing to chance when reviewing your case


When you come to us, be assured of professional legal representation, which is vital in cases where the stakes are so high.


DUI offences can be lengthy and complicated. They may also involve very high stakes. Even if you are not a subsequent offender, you may face a minimum fine of $1,000 and a 10-month license suspension. Losing your license may impact your current job and even future work prospects. With proper legal representation, you may prevent one mistake from affecting the rest of your future. Our criminal lawyers can provide the legal assistance needed to avoid mandatory penalties associated with a DUI offence. We will represent you for DUI charges such as impaired driving and refusing to provide a breath sample. We work tirelessly to get the best possible results and protect your rights every step of the way. We come up with viable defences to challenge the allegations laid against you.


  • Exclude evidence against you by showing that the police violated your rights
  • Retain your driver’s license
  • Avoid a criminal conviction
  • Protect you from increased insurance premiums
  • Preserve your freedom and reputation in your community


We recommend that you speak to a criminal lawyer at PCS to discuss the best steps to deal with your unique situation. It’s your right to seek legal consultation upon arrest or detention. We are eager to help you fight for your rights.


Ontario residents are often surprised to discover that many driving offences could result in a criminal conviction. In fact, offences such as impaired driving can be charged under the Criminal Code and are subject to harsh penalties. The penalties for driving offences go far beyond losing your license. You may end up paying hefty fines and administrative fees, as well as large increases in your insurance premiums. Offences can even attract jail time. Like most other criminal convictions, a conviction for a driving offence can impact your job, future employment opportunities and even your ability to travel. Considering all these consequences, it’s important for anyone charged with a driving offence to seek legal representation by a skilled and experienced defence lawyer.


  • Speeding allegations
  • Dangerous driving
  • Stunt driving
  • Fleeing the police
  • Failing to remain at an accident scene


If charged with dangerous driving that resulted in bodily harm or death, a conviction can result in a jail sentence and a criminal record. It is essential that you consult a PCS lawyer to defend you against these driving offence charges.


Your London criminal lawyer at PCS will defend you vigorously against drug charges such as possession, trafficking, importation, and production. Our lawyers have years of experience in criminal advocacy and know how to protect your rights. We understand the dynamic ways in which drug offences are dealt with in the Canadian legal system. Drug law is rapidly changing, which is why the most experienced lawyers need to constantly educate themselves on the legislation and case law of drug charges. We take advantage of the latest developments in drug legislation to benefit our clients. We know that many prosecutors haven’t changed their attitudes and approaches towards drug crimes. We’re here to hold them to the highest possible standards. At PCS, we keep up to date with how different charges have been treated in the past and use this information to properly advocate for you. Whether you’ve been charged for possession of fentanyl, heroin, cocaine or prescription drugs, no case is too complex for our criminal lawyers to handle. We will help you navigate the process and find the best solution that serves your needs.


  • We are highly regarded criminal defence lawyers
  • We achieve the best possible results for our clients
  • Our lawyers are respected by judges and prosecutors in London
  • We offer very competitive fees
  • We have a great deal of experience in cross-examination of police officers and witnesses


If you have been charged with a drug offence, contact us now.


Sexual offences are not taken lightly by Canadian judges and juries. If accused of a sexual offence, you may face significant stigma and discrimination that may disrupt your work and social life. A sexual offence conviction can significantly damage your reputation, making it hard to gain work and even travel. That’s why you can’t take any chances when you need to choose a lawyer to defend you. At PCS, we are recognized as a leading criminal law firm in London. Our London criminal lawyer will remain in your corner regardless of the severity of your allegations. We bring extensive knowledge and experience in this area of law. Our goal is to help our clients receive an acquittal or have the charges withdrawn. We know that everything is on the line and will prepare a strong defence that works in your favour.


  • Our team has thorough, well-prepared, and meticulous cross-examiners
  • We approach every case with superior attention to detail
  • We provide sound legal advice and protect your rights throughout the process
  • Our fees are highly competitive
  • We are known and highly respected in London

If you have been charged with a domestic violence offence, consult PCS immediately. It’s your right to retain a lawyer who will help you navigate this often painful and traumatic experience. The stakes are high, which makes it important to retain a criminal lawyer London who has experience with domestic violence offences. We have represented clients in domestic violence offences such as sexual assault, aggravated domestic assault, threats and stalking. We know that the circumstances surrounding domestic violence cases are often different. However, a common element in most cases is that it’s one person’s word against the other. We have extensive courtroom experience combined with cross-examination skills to bring the truth to light.


  • Obtain favourable results for clients of domestic violence charges
  • Educate and inform you of your rights and options
  • Obtain all relevant disclosures
  • Request modifications to your bail
  • Discuss the best resolution possible for you


We understand the intricacies involving domestic violence offences and are ready to successfully and strategically defend you.

The penalties for fraud are quite severe. If found guilty of an indictable offence, you face up to 14 years of imprisonment or a large fine or restitution order. At PCS law firm, we have vast experience in fraud and financial-related cases. We understand that fraud and financial crime cases can take months and even years before a resolution is reached. Hiring our lawyers allows you to focus on your job and family while we navigate this complex area of law. Regardless of the size of client, we prepare strong legal arguments that work in your favour.


  • Insider trading
  • Breach of trust
  • Unauthorized diversion of funds
  • Use of company assets for personal use
  • Corporate fraud
  • Non-disclosure of material facts
  • Fraudulent disposal of goods


Call us today to answer any questions you may have on fraud and financial crimes.


Appeals need to be filed by a legal team that clearly understands what persuades the appellate courts. At PCS law firm, we bring extensive appellate advocacy along with specialized advice in appeals or judicial review matters. We assist clients in ways that are most appropriate to their case and to the extent they desire. We can offer litigation as well as trial strategies to protect our client’s rights. Our lawyers are also called upon to review the feasibility of potential appeals and advise clients on the next steps. We understand a broad range of criminal and regulatory issues that impact appeal cases. We use this knowledge to prepare substantive and procedural appeal arguments, drafting and cautiously crafting oral arguments that work in our client’s favour.


  • Review all transcripts with care and attention to detail
  • Develop a winning appeal strategy
  • Draft polished written advocacy
  • Prepare persuasive legal arguments


When it’s time to argue your appeal, you need creative and skilled legal minds to fight for you. Our London criminal lawyer will fight to get the best possible results for you.


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