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Put your trust in our highly-skilled, professional team of experienced criminal defence lawyers.


If you have been charged with criminal charges, then you need the help of a knowledgeable and skilled criminal defence lawyer at your side. Each Posner Craig Stein (PCS) Milton criminal lawyer is among the well-known criminal defence lawyers in the profession. We understand the impact that a criminal record has on a person’s future and reputation in law society. Every Milton criminal defence lawyer works tirelessly, creatively – and in a relentless manner – inside and outside the courtroom.



Posner Craig Stein will assist you in doing everything possible to avoid a criminal offence charge so that you don’t have a criminal record, you do not incur fines, and you do not spend time in jail.


Your criminal lawyer will be there for you, to advocate on your behalf, and to work diligently to protect your freedom, your reputation, and your livelihood.





Murder and manslaughter cases are extremely complex, both legally and factually. They require highly skilled and experienced lawyers to dig through the evidence and present a compelling defence to a jury. Any criminal lawyer at Posner Craig Stein has a wealth of experience in the legal process, defending people against murder, manslaughter, and other homicide charges.


• Cross-examine skillfully and effectively
• Make sophisticated and strategic legal arguments
• Deliver persuasive and powerful jury addresses


Every Milton criminal defence lawyer has conducted dozens of homicide trials across Ontario.


The defence in drinking and driving cases in Milton and across Ontario is often extremely technical. Some may require the expert evidence of a toxicologist. It is common to see a criminal defence lawyer involve an application under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to exclude evidence. To defend an impaired driving case according to the rules of criminal law you will require an experienced lawyer with a broad and in-depth knowledge of the law, the right lawyer who is capable of assessing and examining all potential defences in superior court.


Criminal charges for drinking and driving offences carry minimum sentences. This is true even for persons who have no prior serious criminal law charges on record for impaired driving. As a result, a conviction on criminal charges can have extremely serious consequences and penalties, including, a license suspension for a year or more, vehicle impoundment, high fines, a criminal record, possible incarceration, and higher insurance rates. That’s why when facing charges you need a criminal lawyer.


• Keep your driver’s license
• Avoid being charged with a criminal record
• Protect against devastating automobile insurance costs
• Prevent problems crossing the U.S border
• Preserve your reputation in the community


Every criminal lawyer Milton handles drinking and driving criminal charges and is respected by judges and prosecutors throughout the Province.


The strongest defence in dangerous driving cases is often technical and can involve consulting closely with a forensic expert, such as an engineer or an accident reconstructionist. You will require an experienced criminal defence lawyer, with a broad and in-depth knowledge of the law, a lawyer who is capable of examining all the possible defences. Every Milton criminal lawyer in our law firm can assist you with the legal process.


• Dangerous driving
• Failing to remain at the scene of an accident
• Flight from police
• Driving while disqualified
• Stunt driving


Driving offences in Milton and across Ontario can have serious consequences, such as an increase to insurance premiums, high fines, a license suspension and time in custody.


Drug possession charges often result from police search warrants at homes, apartments, condominiums, storage units, offices, and motor vehicles. They can also result from the search of an individual incidental to being arrested on an unrelated criminal charge elsewhere. The techniques of drug investigation also involve police wiretapping, cell phone/vehicle tracking, and obtaining production of certain documents and records (production orders). Every Milton criminal lawyer in Posner, Craig, and Stein is trained and experienced in challenging the constitutional validity of search warrants, wiretap warrants, production orders, and other judicial authorizations that result in intrusions into your privacy rights.


• We achieve the best possible results for our clients
• We are experienced lawyers in criminal law, the cross-examination of police officers and the law of police search powers
• Our fees are highly competitive


Being convicted of a drug offence will have a serious impact on your life. The lawyers at Posner Craig Stein have defended countless clients charged with drug prosecutions in Milton and across Ontario. We are a legal team dedicated to ensuring you receive the best possible result.


Choosing the right criminal defence lawyer can mean the difference between winning and losing, a criminal record and no record, a jail sentence, and walking away free. The consequences of being convicted of a sexual offence are serious. No one wants to end up on the Sex Offender Registry, and have their reputation in the community ruined. That is why it is crucial to contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately when facing criminal charges. Consulting and retaining an experienced criminal lawyer at the earliest opportunity will ensure you have an advocate working on your behalf and serve to protect your interests from the very start of proceedings.


• We achieve the best possible results for our clients
• We are highly regarded for our cross-examination skills
• Milton criminal lawyers are highly respected
• Our fees are highly competitive.


Posner Craig Stein has experience defending clients charged with sexual offences in Milton and throughout Ontario.


If you are charged with domestic assault or a domestic violence offence, it is in your best interest to hire a competent and experienced criminal lawyer for legal representation, sooner rather than later. A criminal charge is classified as sexual assault or a domestic violence offence if it occurs between two people who are currently or have previously been involved in a romantic relationship. Domestic assault charges often involve allegations of uttering a threat and serious bodily harm and/or damage (mischief) to property.


There is no separate charge for “domestic or aggravated assault”, however, domestic-related offenses are treated more seriously by the courts than criminal offences. Many courthouses have courtrooms designed specifically to deal with “domestic” cases, and Crown attorneys are specifically trained to deal with these cases. It also contains special provisions that serve to protect victims of domestic violence.


• Cross-examine witnesses and complainants with skill
• Prepare you to testify


Domestic and sexual assault cases are commonly one person’s word against another. The credibility of each witness is usually the paramount issue. Having a criminal lawyer or a team of defence lawyers who are experienced and skilled in criminal law is the key to a successful result. The criminal defence lawyers at Posner, Craig, and Stein have highly developed and keen cross-examination skills. Through tireless preparation and our years of experience, we know how to get to the truth.


Financial criminal offences, sometimes referred to as “white collar crime”, cover a broad array of offences in the Criminal Code of Canada. The defence in financial crimes and fraud offences is often extremely technical. Some defences may require the expert evidence of a forensic accountant. It is common for defences in these serious criminal cases to involve an application under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to exclude evidence. To defend a fraud charge or any other financial criminal offence you will require an experienced lawyer with a broad and in-depth knowledge of the criminal law, who is capable of assessing and examining all potential defences.


• Fraud
• Tax evasion
• Breach of trust
• Keeping a gaming house
• Bookmaking
• Forgery and utter forged documents
• Manipulation of the stock exchange
• Insider trading
• False prospectus
• Securities Act offences


If you have already been convicted of a criminal offence in Milton, it does not mean that your case is over. You still have the opportunity to appeal your conviction and/or your sentence. The criminal lawyers at Posner Craig Stein have decades of combined experience in conducting complex and challenging appeals. Our criminal lawyers regularly conduct appeals at the Court of Appeal for Ontario and in the Summary Conviction Appeal courts throughout the province. We also have experience in arguing appeals in the Supreme Court of Canada. Our cases are reported in legal journals and frequently cited by judges when they make decisions in other serious criminal law cases too.


• Review the transcripts from your trial with careful scrutiny
• Develop the arguments that are likely to succeed on appeal
• Produce polished and persuasive written advocacy


When it comes time to argue your appeal, we will be fully prepared to make the most powerful and compelling arguments in your favour. Our law firm will exhaust every avenue to overturn the result or reduce your sentence.


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