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Posner Craig Stein defends domestic, trans-border, and international criminal cases.
Our knowledge, experience, and skill in criminal litigation is top tier.
Criminal Offences

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, you need an expert and proficient criminal  lawyer at your side. Posner Craig Stein lawyers are among the most experienced and well regarded criminal lawyers in the profession.


Murder and manslaughter cases are extremely complex, both legally and factually.  They require highly skilled and experienced trial lawyers to dig through the evidence and present a compelling defence to a jury.  Criminal lawyers at Posner Craig Stein have a wealth of experience in defending murder, manslaughter, and other homicide charges.

DUI Offences

Drinking and driving cases are legally complex and technical. To successfully defend a drinking and driving case, you need a lawyer with a broad and in-depth understanding of this challenging area in the law. Posner Craig Stein has this  knowledge and experience.

Driving Offences

Preparing a compelling and dynamic defence in criminal driving cases requires specialized knowledge. Posner Craig Stein will explore every possible defence to your criminal driving charge, in consultation with our impressive network of experts. No stone will be left unturned.

Drug Offences

Drug charges occur when police exercise their search powers by wiretapping, tracking your cell phone or vehicle, obtaining production of documents and records, and executing search warrants. Our Toronto criminal lawyers have decades of experience in the law of search and seizure.  We are highly skilled in defending the most serious drug charges in Canada.

Sexual Assault Offences

Sexual assault cases usually boil down to a “he said, she said” battle. The credibility of witnesses is the key issue. Effective cross-examinations by a skilled criminal lawyer often lead the Crown to withdraw the case or otherwise result in a not-guilty verdict.  Success in sexual assault cases requires a skilled cross-examiner at your side.

Domestic Violence Offences

An offence against a domestic partner can result in serious consequences if you are convicted. Posner Craig Stein criminal lawyers have decades of experience in defending domestic assault cases, and the skill to ensure that your family and your freedom are protected.

Financial Crimes

The defence of fraud and other financial crimes requires proficiency in financial analysis, the examination of business records, and the careful, detailed review of the data and files that are at issue. Posner Craig Stein will deliver a detail-oriented and sophisticated defence.


If you have been convicted of a criminal offence,  your case is not necessarily over. You may have the opportunity to successfully appeal your case. Posner Craig Stein criminal lawyers have decades of experience in conducting complex and challenging appeals.


Criminal, Regulatory Defence and Professional Discipline Litigation

Posner Craig Stein assists professionals in navigating complaints, investigations, and all licensing issues. We have significant experience in dealing with regulators and ensuring that our client’s reputation remains intact. Any allegation of professional misconduct is a serious matter and we treat your defence with care, attention, and focus. Our approach to your defending your case is sophisticated and detailed.

Posner Craig Stein assists professionals in navigating complex regulatory environments. We deal with billing and payment issues, hospital privileges, sexual misconduct, allegations of fraud, privacy concerns, allegations of professional misconduct, investigations, and any other regulatory or disciplinary matters. We zealously defend your reputation and livelihood. We understand that placing your case in our hands is a serious decision, and the outcome has real consequences for you.

We defend health care professionals of all types, including physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, veterinarians, optometrists, audiologists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, occupational therapists, denturists, psychotherapists, opticians, naturopaths, respiratory therapists, podiatrist and chiropodists, physiotherapists, dietitians, medical technologists, midwives, dental technologists, kinesiologists, and any other health care professional.

We defend all regulated professionals, including lawyers, paralegals, accountants, real estate professionals, mortgage agents and brokers, engineers, social workers, and insurance agents and brokers. Our regulatory defence lawyers also assist with liquor licensing, cannabis licensing, securities commission licensing and offences, and commercial trucking licensing.










Looking for a criminal lawyer in Toronto? We are here to help.


Posner, Craig, Stein defends individuals and corporations on all criminal and professional discipline matters. As trial and appellate counsel, we appear before every level of court and frequently appear before regulatory tribunals. We have expertise in defending cases that are serious and complex and we consistently deliver exceptional client service.


The members of Posner, Craig, Stein have vast litigation experience and are well regarded in our profession. We provide top-tier oral and written advocacy and always serve our clients in a thoughtful and respectful manner. At every step of your case, PCS provides strategic and sophisticated solutions. Our goal is to achieve superior results for our clients.


Posner Craig Stein has expertise in the defence of individuals, corporations and professionals facing criminal and regulatory prosecution. We are expert litigators, armed with powerful cross-examination techniques and superior written and oral advocacy skills. Our expertise lies in representing clients in serious and complex prosecutions.

Sophisticated and Strategic Representation



Our criminal defence lawyers represents professionals before their regulators. We understand the importance of protecting your livelihood and reputation.
Health Care Practitioners

Being the target of a patient complaint and facing allegations of professional misconduct is anxiety-provoking, frustrating, and time-consuming. Posner Craig Stein provides experienced and skilled advocacy throughout the complaints and discipline process. We understand how patients complaints and College proceedings can impact your livelihood and reputation.

Professional Discipline

Professionals depend on their reputation in the community to thrive and succeed. We understand that your professional reputation, license and livelihood depend on a successful defence. Our experience, knowledge of the law, and exhaustive preparation will help you navigate a complaint or a discipline hearing in a sophisticated and efficient manner.


Posner Craig Stein LLP represents individuals and corporations on all criminal charges and defends health care practitioners and members of professional organizations in regulatory proceedings. We work in a strategic, collaborative and exhaustive manner – in and out of the courtroom – to secure optimal results. PCS is synonymous with thoughtful and exceptional client service.

Posner Craig Stein LLP serves the following regions:

Criminal Defence, Regulatory and Professional Discipline Counsel.

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