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We have a long-standing tradition of going above and beyond to win criminal cases for our clients.


Put your trust in our highly-skilled, professional team of experienced criminal defence lawyers.



Being suspected of a criminal offence can be extremely overwhelming. Whether you have been criminally charged or are a target of an investigation, retaining a criminal lawyer early can be the difference between securing your freedom and spending years in jail. At Posner Craig Stein (PCS), we represent clients facing criminal offences such as sexual assault, drug offences, fraud and financial crimes, homicides, and DUI charges, among others. Our lawyers are proactive and aggressive in protecting your legal rights. We recognize that a lot is at stake. You face the potential of incarceration as well as a permanent criminal record that affects your future work, travel and living prospects. You may find it difficult to find suitable work, apply to schools or even live in certain neighbourhoods once you have a criminal record. Whether you’re facing an arrest, investigation, or trial, we can come in and take steps to protect you at every stage. Even if you’ve already been charged with a criminal offence, don’t lose hope. We have experienced appellate lawyers who will aim at having the charges dismissed or the sentence reduced.



The decision whether to plead guilty and go to trial or go for a plea bargain should be made with your lawyer’s advice. Before you can decide the next steps, it’s best to speak to our Hamilton criminal lawyer.






A person is charged with homicide if believed to have directly caused the death of another. Homicide cases have unique circumstances, which is why the severity of punishment will vary from case to case. Severe homicide cases are categorized as manslaughter and murder and could result in life imprisonment. At our firm, we know that time is of the essence when you’re facing a homicide charge. That’s why we stay in your corner 24/7, guiding you throughout your case. Our Hamilton criminal lawyer will provide the most honest defence solution to get the best possible outcome. We can help you not only reduce your sentence but also have the homicide charges dropped. Our lawyer will take the time to formulate a defence strategy that works in your favour. We understand the potential defences of a winning homicide case and will use our extensive experience representing clients in similar situations to have your sentence reduced or dropped.


  • Cross-examine all witnesses in a skillful and strategic manner
  • Make sound legal arguments that work in your favour
  • Will deliver a persuasive jury address


Have you confessed to aggravated murder or manslaughter? Are you under investigation for a homicide charge in Hamilton? At PCS, we help you understand your rights and options and offer professional legal representation throughout trial.


A conviction for a DUI offence carries stiff penalties. The situation could be even more complex if you had a child in the car. At PCS, we help our clients by preparing legitimate defences which end up working in their favour. We bring extensive knowledge of the law as well as years of experience defending clients who are accused of all manner of DUI offences. We know which aspects of your case can be effectively challenged and under what circumstances. We can help you avoid a license suspension that would make it difficult for you to perform work and generally disrupt your daily life. If your license has already been suspended over a DUI offence, we can help you challenge that license revocation. In such unique situations, our experienced Hamilton criminal lawyers will offer effective representation and guide you throughout the hearing process.


  • Avoid license suspension
  • Avoid a criminal record
  • Protect you from increased insurance premiums
  • Preserve your reputation


Have you been arrested for drunk driving in Hamilton? Our Hamilton lawyers know how to handle such cases and will prepare a strong defence that preserves your driving privileges and avoid jail time.


While many people may think you don’t need a lawyer for a driving offence like a traffic violation, there’s a lot at stake to risk not having proper legal representation. An experienced Hamilton lawyer can help you fight off these violations and maintain the driving privileges you desperately need to continue working. You risk having a criminal record due to a driving offence. At PCS, we have traffic violation lawyers who have represented people charged with all kinds of driving offences. We know that time is of the essence when it comes to severe driving violation charges. That’s why we offer 24/7 legal guidance throughout the case. Our Hamilton criminal lawyer will provide honest and strategic defence solutions to get you the best possible results.


  • Dangerous driving
  • Failing to remain at the accident scene
  • Driving without a valid license
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Stunt driving charges


There are many other driving offences that you may be charged with, and no two cases are ever completely similar. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients throughout Hamilton in driving offences. Call us today to discuss your rights and options.


Depending on the type of drug charge, you risk facing a minimum sentence of 7 years to life in prison. With the help of a competent criminal lawyer, you can resolve these drug charges and avoid jail time. Proper legal advice can result in less severe penalties, such as a fine or a drug treatment court program. Your lawyer can find a number of ways to resolve the charges without jail time. We bring years of experience in drug crimes in Hamilton and throughout Ontario. We will guide you on how to navigate the criminal justice system when facing such serious allegations.


  • Every client is our priority
  • We work very closely with experts to get the best possible outcome
  • We focus on helping you avoid a jail term, a criminal record, and the negative impact this can have on your future


Even if you’re being investigated for a drug offence, don’t delay. Call our Hamilton criminal lawyer today to discuss the drug offences process and get sound legal advice to take the appropriate steps.


If you’re facing charges related to a sexual offence, speak with a PCS lawyer right now. Sexual offences may include luring, sex trade, child pornography, sexual exploitation or sexual assault, among others. Having defended clients charged with sexual offences for many years, we know how unreliable evidence, simple misunderstandings and oversights can prevent the whole truth from coming out until trial. Our lawyers work relentlessly to defend you and protect your rights. We hold the other party to the highest possible standards to ensure a proper defence is put for trial. Our law firm is committed to excellence and helping people throughout Hamilton address criminal offences that risk ruining their reputations and taking away their freedoms.


  • Our criminal lawyers are dedicated to your best defence
  • We understand all the complications that arise in sexual offence cases
  • We walk with our clients from the beginning and remain available 24/7
  • We bring experience, skill, and commitment to serve our client’s best interests

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a domestic violence offence, talk to our lawyer immediately. We’ve seen many cases where the police arrest people after receiving a domestic violence complaint from a family member or intimate partner with no evidence. This overlooks the presumption of innocence as stipulated in the Criminal Code. At PCS, we come in to defend you when faced with serious domestic violence allegations. We understand how such criminal matters can emotionally overwhelm the entire family. Often, men and women who face domestic violence allegations are sidelined from their communities even when the truth is yet to be heard. Our dedicated team of criminal defence lawyers will guide you through this thorny and often emotional time. We will simplify complex issues in your case and advise you on your rights and options.


  • Assault cases
  • Strangulation menacing
  • Stalking
  • Forcible touching
  • Harassment
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Coercion, among other matters


At PCS, we have assembled the most dedicated legal team skilled at exposing lies, exaggerations and outright bias in domestic violence allegations.


When faced with fraud allegations, it’s important to immediately consult an experienced lawyer who will ensure your rights are protected. Our criminal lawyers handle a full range of cases involving fraud and financial crimes. We take pride in our legal team, that’s experienced in managing the most complex white-collar crimes. Our lawyers will advise clients on preventative measures and even recommend compliance programs that are likely to lessen the criminal penalties issued. We represent companies as well as global organizations covering all aspects of investigations when required. We bring extensive experience in every case we handle.


  • Bribery and corruption cases
  • Money laundering
  • Fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Insider trading
  • Money market abuse
  • Extradition and corporate manslaughter allegations


If you’re facing fraud and financial crimes, Posner Craig Stein will provide a competent Hamilton criminal lawyer to effectively represent you.


Appellate advocacy is offered by lawyers with a certain level of skill set that’s far different from the typical litigators. An appellate lawyer will face different challenges than trial lawyers. PCS law firm has a legal team that concentrates on appeals. We offer experienced, qualified, and competitively priced appellate legal services to our clients in Hamilton and throughout Ontario. Our lawyers not only represent you at trial but also help with the investigations and preparing clients for the appeal process. When you choose our Hamilton criminal lawyer, you will work closely with a trial team and appellate lawyers that iare primed to handle any appeal within a short time frame, no matter its complexity. We’ve been involved in complex appeal cases that require difficult legal strategies.


  • Prepare appellate applications in accordance with the law
  • Prepare strong oral arguments and appellate briefs for our clients
  • Assess the strength of the appeal and advise the client on the next steps
  • Prepare winning post-trial motions
  • Research and analyze complex legal issues


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