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Need a criminal defence lawyer? We are here to help.

Facing domestic assault charges in the Kitchener area can be an overwhelming experience that has the potential to significantly impact the life of an accused person. Beyond the legal consequences, domestic assault charges often carry a stigma that can strain personal and professional relationships, making it challenging for the accused person to rebuild their reputation and move forward with their life. This is where the expertise of experienced domestic assault lawyers from PCS becomes invaluable.


Our criminal lawyers have established a strong presence in Kitchener and surrounding areas. We have successfully navigated complex domestic assault cases, and our track record in representing clients in Kitchener underscores our dedication and proficiency in handling legal matters. Don’t face domestic violence charges in Kitchener alone; our domestic assault lawyers are here to protect your rights and guide you through the criminal process.


Although there isn’t a distinct charge for “domestic assault” in the Criminal Code, it is considered a serious offence in Kitchener and is treated as such within the criminal justice system. Kitchener is equipped with courtrooms specifically designed to handle domestic violence cases, emphasizing the gravity with which such cases are approached. Therefore, attempting to avoid criminal proceedings in Kitchener courts is not a viable strategy if found guilty of domestic-related offences. In such situations, seeking assistance from an experienced criminal defence lawyer with a proven track record in domestic assault trials is crucial.


Canada’s Criminal Code includes provisions to protect victims of domestic violence and ensure that justice is served. If you are a victim of domestic violence, our highly skilled criminal lawyers in Kitchener can provide the assistance you need to ensure the best possible outcome.


Domestic violence can manifest in various forms, ranging from emotional abuse, where an abusive partner may engage in psychological manipulation or verbal attacks, to more overt physical acts of violence, including sexual assault and drug offences. Common types of criminal charges in domestic contexts include:


  • Physical domestic assault: Involving actions such as hitting, slapping, punching, or causing bodily harm to a domestic partner.
  • Emotional abuse: Characterized by manipulative tactics aimed at controlling and dominating a partner’s emotions and behavior.
  • Sexual abuse: Involving any sexual behaviour performed without consent, including coercion or forcing a partner into sexual activity.
  • Financial abuse: Involving actions aimed at maintaining power and control over finances within a relationship.


These are just a few examples of behaviours for which an individual in Kitchener may be accused and may require assistance from a domestic assault lawyer.


A conviction for a domestic assault charge can have severe consequences, including a criminal record, potential jail time, and challenges such as difficulty finding employment or facing travel restrictions. Additionally, a conviction may lead to restrictions on access to children or even the inability to return to one’s own residence. The impact of a conviction can be significant and far-reaching.


In domestic assault cases, testimonies may often conflict, making the credibility of each witness crucial. Securing legal counsel with strong cross-examination skills is essential for achieving favourable outcomes. At PCS, our domestic assault lawyers possess extensive experience in cross-examination, honed through meticulous preparation and years of practice. We excel in advocating for our clients’ rights and uncovering the truth.


For individuals facing domestic violence charges in the Kitchener area, PCS is the premier choice for several reasons:


  • We consistently achieve optimal outcomes for our clients.
  • Our reputation for adept cross-examination is widely recognized.
  • Our fees are competitive and transparent.


When facing criminal charges, seeking legal aid from a seasoned criminal lawyer is imperative. PCS offers the potential to navigate domestic assault allegations, avoid criminal convictions, incarceration, and the distressing prospect of family separation.


We handle domestic criminal cases throughout Kitchener and across Ontario. Arrange a confidential consultation today, either in-person at our office, via phone, or through a virtual meeting, to explore your legal options. Place your trust in Kitchener criminal lawyers from PCS to guide you through the legal process and advocate tirelessly for your rights. Whether you’re facing allegations of domestic offence, aggravated assault, or other criminal charges, we are here to provide you with solid defence.


The sooner you hire the right criminal lawyer, the greater your odds of winning.

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