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Experienced DUI Lawyer in HAMILTON: Delivering Outstanding Legal
Representation and Expert Defence Strategies

Need a criminal defence lawyer? We are here to help.

If you’re dealing with a DUI charge in Hamilton, seek professional assistance. Posner, Craig, Stein (PCS) offers adept defence lawyers with extensive expertise. Renowned for our broad knowledge, we vigorously defend your rights and reputation. While facing accusations may seem intimidating, we ensure they don’t tarnish your reputation or future prospects. With PCS LLP by your side, you have a reliable ally to navigate through DUI charges, providing steadfast support throughout. Safeguard your rights with our dedicated team in Hamilton.

Impaired Driving Offences

Driving under the influence (DUI), also called impaired driving, encompasses various violations like impaired driving, exceeding the legal alcohol limit (“80 and Over”), and failure to provide a breath sample.


DUI occurs when operating a vehicle while affected by alcohol, drugs, or both. “80 and over” refers to a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) surpassing the legal limit of 80 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood, or 0.08.


DUI-related accidents causing injury, bodily harm, or death are serious crimes, often resulting in lengthy jail terms, sometimes exceeding 8 years. As a result, laws regarding drinking and driving offences in Hamilton are strict.


Police are authorized to request a breath sample during traffic stops, and refusal may lead to charges. This refusal also applies to breathalyzer tests at police stations. Drivers declining tests requested by police may face fines and DUI charges.


It’s crucial to recognize that a zero-tolerance policy applies to young, novice, and commercial vehicle drivers. Any presence of cannabis or alcohol in their system could lead to severe consequences, including criminal charges if impairment is detected.


Being convicted of drinking and driving entails minimum punishments, even if you never had trouble with the law before. The results can be tough, like losing your driver’s licence for a year or more, having your car seized, getting big fines, having a permanent criminal record, maybe going to jail, and having to pay more for insurance.


Winning DUI cases is hard and needs a lot of know-how. In some situations, it may even be necessary to involve a toxicologist and use the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to keep out evidence. In Hamilton, dealing with these cases well needs a lawyer who knows a lot about the law and can think through all the different ways to defend you.


Success in your DUI case means:


  • Keeping your driver’s licence
  • Staying out of jail
  • Avoiding a criminal record
  • Keeping your auto insurance costs low
  • Avoiding issues at the U.S. border
  • Maintaining your good reputation in the community


Posner, Craig, Stein specializes in DUI cases in Hamilton and across Ontario, renowned for their expertise in litigation. Book a confidential consultation today at our office, over the phone, or through a virtual meeting to discuss your options. Our skilled DUI and impaired driving lawyers are committed to fighting for justice in your case.


The sooner you hire the right criminal lawyer, the greater your odds of winning.

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