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Put your trust in our highly-skilled, professional team of experienced criminal defence lawyers.



When you are charged with a criminal offence, your future may be at stake. To fight for your rights and protect your interests, you need a professional and experienced criminal defence lawyer in Oakville. You need a legal professional who will treat your case respectfully and with unwavering dedication. This is what you get when you choose PCS lawyers to defend your criminal case. Our firm is adept at handling a wide range of criminal allegations, ensuring that no matter the complexity of your case, we have the expertise to manage it.


Comprising some of Oakville’s top criminal defence lawyers, our team provides nothing short of dedicated and strategic criminal defence. We are experienced in offering effective legal counsel to individuals facing various criminal charges and accusations, including serious offences under the Canadian Criminal Code. Various offences can arise from misunderstandings or complicated incidences of alleged intent. Regardless of the circumstances, we focus on fighting for your rights.



When you choose our Oakville criminal lawyer, we will gather the resources necessary to deliver on our promise. Therefore, expect our team of lawyers to communicate with you effectively so that you can understand your charges and have all your concerns addressed. Remember, we specialize in criminal law to help you achieve the desired outcome.

We’re fully committed to defending you from the beginning of your case to the end

We will prepare factual and legal arguments that will work in your favour

We’re realistic in communicating with our clients about all their legal options

Our Practice Areas

We have extensive experience, enabling us to handle any criminal offence allegations, including:


Manslaughter and murder are recognized as homicide in Canadian Law. A homicide is categorized as manslaughter if the offender didn’t have the intention of causing death. That means the cause of death could be an unlawful act or criminal negligence. The court may find you guilty of criminal negligence if you acted recklessly or failed to act, resulting in bodily harm or the death of another person. If convicted of manslaughter, you face up to life imprisonment.


On the other hand, murder is classified into first-degree and second-degree murder depending on whether the defendant planned and deliberately caused another person’s death. If the killing was deliberate and planned, the defendant may be convicted of first-degree murder. This criminal charge attracts a life imprisonment without parole for 25 years.


You may be charged with second-degree murder if you didn’t plan the killing but was intentional. Such offences occur when murder happens in the heat of the moment. If convicted of second-degree murder, you face life imprisonment with no parole for ten years. Our lawyers will:




  • Fight relentlessly to lessen the prison time and avoid a criminal record
  • Strive to protect your reputation by pushing for charge withdrawal
  • Defend your rights and ensure you understand all your legal options


If you or your loved one is facing manslaughter or murder charges, contact our knowledgeable and highly experienced criminal lawyer in Oakville. We will build a strong defence and provide the legal support you need.


If you are charged with a DUI, the implications can extend far beyond the courtroom, potentially jeopardizing both your personal and professional life. At PCS, our dedication to defending those accused of DUI offences is unparalleled in Oakville. As the laws around DUI evolve and become increasingly complex, we consistently remain at the forefront, utilizing these technicalities to build a defence for our clients.


Our criminal lawyers have extensive experience in criminal law trials handling impaired driving cases and can navigate the complexities of DUI trials. Rigorous cross-examination of law enforcement testimonies is crucial. At PCS, our lawyers carefully challenge every aspect of the evidence presented, always prioritizing our client’s welfare. This way, you can:




  • Prevent suspensions of your license and other driving privileges
  • Avoid a criminal record
  • Protect yourself against high insurance premiums (from your insurer)
  • Prevent travel issues (particularly abroad)
  • Maintain a good reputation in the society


At PCS, we have represented numerous clients across Ontario. We have a proven track record in successful DUI defence. When your reputation and freedom are at stake, PCS will stand with you, tirelessly advocating for your rights.


These offences often involve illegal practices conducted by motor vehicle drivers that are punishable in accordance with the Canadian Criminal Code. If you’ve been stopped by the police and charged with any driving offence, contact our Oakville criminal lawyer immediately. Remember, the law requires police officers to adhere to certain procedures before charging motor vehicle drivers with criminal offences.


You, the driver, have rights that the police must respect before and even after they accuse you of a driving offence. Note that serious offences such as DUI can result in your license suspension and a hefty fine. So, you need an experienced lawyer to defend and protect your rights, especially if your case goes to trial. We understand that these offences can affect your life, and we are ready to offer the legal representation and support you need. We will defend against:




  • DUI charges
  • Flight from police
  • Fleeing an accident scene
  • Distracted driving
  • Stunt driving
  • Other driving-related offences


The team of criminal lawyers at PCS has conducted many driving case trials across Oakville and Ontario. We have the skills and experience needed to fight for your rights.


Suppose you are facing drug charges. Your choice of legal representation can make or break your chance of winning and your entire future. Having a highly competent and experienced criminal defence lawyer defend you can result in the withdrawal of all charges against you, particularly if the police violated your rights. For example, the evidence acquired during a police search with no warrant can be tossed aside as the search may be deemed unlawful.


Illegal interrogation methods and consent issues that arise during investigations can help us build a strong and thorough criminal defence too. All our criminal defence lawyers understand the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and will defend you. Here’s why you may want to choose our legal representation: Our firm also has extensive experience with the Halton District Court houses, demonstrating our familiarity with local legal processes and our ability to effectively navigate them for our clients.




  • We craft legal arguments carefully to increase the chances of getting the desired outcome
  • We’re skilled in cross-examining the police
  • We have an in-depth understanding of the CDSA and other related laws


At PCS, we have defended many drug prosecutions in Oakville. Therefore, if you are facing drug-related charges, contact us for effective legal representation.




People accused of sexual assault and other sexual offences often face discrimination in society. Similarly, charges related to such offences can cause irreparable damage to your reputation. So, the stakes are high, and you can’t afford guesswork when choosing a lawyer to defend you. At PCS, we have a team of highly experienced criminal defence lawyers in Oakville.


Our legal professionals are considered an authority in their understanding of the law and defending accused sexual offence victims. They have earned unmatched respect from judges, other lawyers, and prosecutors across Ontario. You can count on us to:




  • Deliver legal representation discreetly, professionally, and effectively
  • Work tirelessly to achieve the desired results in your case
  • Conduct effective cross-examinations
  • Leverage our in-depth understanding of the law and courtroom experience to defend you


Given our track record of successful defence in sexual offence cases, our lawyers are often called upon to handle even the most complex cases that make headlines.


Serious domestic assaults and violence charges can impact your life in many ways you never expected. This impact can worsen when you’re restricted from contacting your loved ones when the case is filed. With the help of an experienced Oakville criminal lawyer, you can successfully navigate these charges and get the best possible results. So, why choose a criminal defence lawyer from PCS?




  • We listen, assess your case, and implement a client-centric approach in defending you
  • We strive to get the best possible result in every case we handle
  • We perform cross-examinations effectively


Here at PCS, we understand that domestic violence accusations can attract zero-tolerance policies. This can hurt innocent individuals. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can ensure your rights and interests are protected.


Our law firm is committed to leveraging its expertise and experience in defending clients against fraud and financial crimes, ensuring the best possible outcome while protecting their rights. In Oakville and the entire Ontario province, fraud and other financial crimes are considered serious offences with severe punishments. If you are convicted of these offences, you face fines of more than $5,000 and up to 14 years in prison. Such a conviction can make it challenging for you to get employed, maintain a great reputation in your community, and conduct business activities. Contact us if you are facing any of the following allegations:




  • Breach of trust
  • Tax evasion
  • Employment fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Medical insurance fraud
  • Forgery
  • Mortgage and loan fraud
  • Manipulation of the stock exchange


Note that cases related to fraud and financial crimes involve stressful and lengthy court proceedings. This can jeopardize your current and future work life. There are also organizations that won’t hire people with fraud-related convictions. Luckily, our criminal defence lawyers can help get your case withdrawn or penalties lessened.


Whether you need probation to be granted or your driver’s license to be reinstated as you wait for your appeal outcome, we can handle it. We can help you:




  • Create a summary conviction appeals
  • Prepare the indictable appeals
  • Review the transcripts from your trial and identify details to effectively support your case
  • Develop compelling legal arguments that will work in your favour
  • Draft a professionally written advocacy to support your case


Regardless of your appellate needs, we will help you get a second chance in the criminal justice system. Keep in mind that appeals have strict timelines. Therefore, contact us as soon as possible.


Need a criminal lawyer? We are here to help.


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