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Need a criminal defence lawyer? We are here to help.


If you have been charged with a sexual offence in the Barrie area, then you need the help of a knowledgeable and skilled criminal defence lawyer at your side.  Posner, Craig, Stein (PCS) lawyers are among the most experienced and well-known criminal lawyers in the profession.   Being charged with a criminal offence is a frightening and life-altering experience.  Entrusting PCS with your case means that you will have an exceptional and trusted ally at your side throughout the criminal process, from the police investigation until verdict.  We understand the impact that a conviction for a sexual offence has on a person’s future and reputation.  We know that your freedom and livelihood depend on winning your case.  Our lawyers work tirelessly, creatively – and in a relentless manner – inside and outside the courtroom.


Choosing the right lawyer to handle your sexual offence case in Barrie is one of the most important decisions you will make when you are facing charges. It can mean the difference between winning and losing, a criminal record and no record, a jail sentence and walking away free. The consequences of being convicted of a sexual offence are serious. No one wants to end up on the Sex Offender Registry, and have their reputation in the community ruined. That is why it is crucial to contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately If you are charged or under investigation for a sexual offence. Consulting and retaining an experienced lawyer at the earliest opportunity will ensure you have an advocate working on your behalf and serve to protect your interests from the very start of proceedings.


Experience and Skill


The lawyers at  Posner Craig Stein are experienced and highly skilled in dealing with the complex technical and nuanced issues that arise in sexual offence cases in Barrie. They are experienced in defending against all sexual offences, including but not limited to:


    • sexual assault;
    • aggravated sexual assault;
    • sexual assault with a weapon;
    • voyeurism;
    • sexual exploitation;
    • sexual interference;
    • invitation to sexual touching;
    • make, distribute, possess, or access child pornography;
    • luring;
    • incest; and
    • indecent acts.

Sexual offence cases often involve technical issues and procedures that require careful attention and specialized knowledge. The lawyers at Posner Craig Stein have a powerful command over the law relating to sexual offences and leave no stone unturned when assessing evidence and finding possible defences for their clients.  They are experienced in bringing pre-trial applications under sections 276 and 278 of the Criminal Code to cross-examine complainants on prior sexual acts and to access third party records, such as medical, counselling, employment and school records. They assess each and every case to see if the police have violated your rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and frequently bring applications for the exclusion of evidence as a result of serious Charter violations.


Sexual offences such as luring and make, distribute, possess or access child pornography often involve the execution of search warrants. This is a complex area of law and our lawyers have the specialized knowledge required to successfully defend search warrant cases and exclude evidence seized by police. It is important that your lawyer have this experience and knowledge as it can be the difference between winning and losing your case in Barrie.


Sexual assault cases in Barrie sometime involve one person’s word again another. The credibility of each witness is often the most paramount issue. An effective cross-examination can cause the Crown to re-evaluate their case or result in an acquittal. Having a lawyer who is experienced and skilled at cross-examination is the key to a successful result. The lawyers at Posner Craig Stein are highly regarded for their cross-examination skills and have secured excellent results for clients as a result.


Or if you are the subject of a criminal investigation in Barrie or anywhere in Ontario related to a sexual offence, Posner Craig Stein is the right criminal law firm to handle your case because:


    • We achieve the best possible results for our clients;
    • We are highly regarded for our cross-examination skills;
    • Our criminal lawyers are highly respected; and
    • Our fees are highly competitive.


Posner Craig Stein has experience defending criminal cases in Barrie and throughout Ontario.


Please contact us to set up a confidential meeting today. Put your trust in the Posner Craig Stein criminal defence team. We have handled hundreds of sexual offence cases in Barrie and all across Ontario. Our team of experienced, skilled and dedicated lawyers will work to protect you.


The sooner you hire the right criminal lawyer, the greater your odds of winning.

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