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Need a criminal defence lawyer? We are here to help.


If you have been charged with fraud or a financial offence, then you need the help of a knowledgeable and skilled fraud defence lawyer at your side.  Posner, Craig, Stein (PCS) lawyers are among the most experienced and well-known and financial offence lawyers in the profession.   Being charged with a financial crime offence is a frightening and life-altering experience.  Entrusting PCS with your case means that you will have an exceptional and trusted ally at your side throughout the criminal process, from the police investigation until verdict.  We understand the impact that a criminal record has on a person’s future and reputation.  We know that your freedom and livelihood depend on winning your case.  Our lawyers work tirelessly, creatively – and in a relentless manner – inside and outside the courtroom.


Financial criminal offences, sometimes referred to as “white collar crime”, cover a broad array of offences in the Criminal Code of Canada. They include:


  • Tax evasion
  • Fraud
  • Breach of trust
  • Keeping a gaming or a betting house
  • Bookmaking
  • Forgery and uttering forged documents
  • Manipulation of the stock exchange
  • Insider trading
  • False prospectus



Financial crimes also include offences under the Securities Act. Posner Craig Stein has extensive experience defending all kinds of securities violations before the Ontario Securities Commission.


The defence in financial crimes and fraud offences is often extremely technical. Some defences may require the expert evidence of a forensic accountant. It is common for defences in these cases to involve an application under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to exclude evidence. To defend a fraud charge of any other financial offence you will require an experienced lawyer with a broad and in-depth knowledge of the law, who is capable of assessing and examining all potential defences.



Winning your fraud or financial offence case means:


  • Avoiding a jail sentence
  • Avoiding a criminal record
  • Preventing problems crossing the U.S border
  • Keeping your license to sell and trade financial products.



If you have been charged with fraud or a financial offence in Ontario, you should consult and retain a criminal lawyer promptly. Even if you have not yet been charged, if a police investigation has been opened you should consult with a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer at Posner Craig Stein (PCS) means having an advocate on your side who has extensive experience in the criminal justice system.  PCS lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of the law; powerful negotiating and advocacy skills; decades of trial experience; and we are dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible result. Hiring a lawyer as soon as you have been charged, or even earlier, will help protect you right from the start of the criminal, regulatory, or discipline process.  Waiting to see what develops or hoping things will work out on their own – without a lawyer – is a recipe for trouble.  All of your discussions with a lawyer are private, confidential, and privileged. PCS lawyers can help you understand the defences available to you, and what approach to take in and out of the courtroom.  We will handle your case with sophistication and excellence.  Nothing less should suffice.


If you have been charged with a financial crime, or are the subject of a criminal investigation, Posner Craig Stein will defend you.


  • We achieve the best possible results for our clients
  • We are widely respected, skilled, and experienced criminal lawyers
  • Our fees are competitive



It is in your best interests to retain a skilled, experienced criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible. Posner, Craig, Stein will assist you in doing everything possible to avoid a conviction, so that you don’t have a criminal record, you do not incur fines, and that you do not spend time in jail. Our lawyers will want to interview you as soon as possible to hear your account of events, to explore how we can defend you.  We will assess the strength of the prosecution’s case and all of the possible angles of defence.  This may include a defence under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms if the police violated your constitutional rights.



Please contact us to set up a confidential meeting today. Put your trust in the Posner Craig Stein criminal defence team. We have handled thousands of cases all across Ontario. Our team of experienced, skilled and dedicated appellate lawyers will work to protect you.


The sooner you hire the right criminal lawyer, the greater your odds of winning.

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