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Drug Offence Lawyer Bradford

Expert representation in drug and narcotic cases

Need a criminal defence lawyer? We are here to help.


Facing drug accusations is a serious issue that can have severe consequences if convicted. A guilty verdict can damage your reputation, leave you with a criminal record, and make finding a job in the future an extremely challenging task. If you’re dealing with drug charges in Bradford, reach out to Posner, Craig, Stein (PCS). Our drug offence lawyers are among the most experienced in the region and can be your reliable allies. We understand the seriousness of drug charge consequences and are committed to providing you with the best possible defence. Our team will thoroughly investigate your case, examine the evidence against you, and develop a strategy tailored to your unique situation. We recognize that your future hinges on the case’s outcome, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.


Drug offences in Bradford and throughout Canada are outlined in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). These offences are generally categorized into four main types:


  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Traffic
  • Trafficking in a Controlled Substance
  • Importing a Controlled Substance


Being accused of possessing a controlled substance means you are suspected of having the drug for personal use. On the other hand, a charge of possession with intent to traffic suggests that you are believed to intend to sell, distribute, transport, or provide the drug to others, often indicated by law enforcement finding a larger quantity of drugs. A trafficking charge involves allegations of selling or supplying drugs to others, including undercover officers. Importing drugs refers to bringing illegal substances into Canada, which can include drugs sent or delivered to you, even if not physically in your possession.

Parliament classifies controlled substances into different schedules. Schedule I includes drugs like cocaine, fentanyl, morphine, and opium. Trafficking in these substances can result in harsh penalties, such as long prison sentences and even life imprisonment for dealing or intending to traffic fentanyl or cocaine. Schedule III covers drugs like LSD, psilocybin (magic mushrooms), and other hallucinogens. While trafficking or possessing Schedule III substances also leads to serious consequences, the penalties are generally less severe than those for Schedule I substances.


Drug charges frequently stem from police executing search warrants at residences, storage units, offices, and vehicles. Charges can also result from searches conducted during an arrest for an unrelated offence. Law enforcement may use various tactics in drug investigations, such as wiretapping, tracking cell phones and vehicles, and obtaining production orders for specific documents and records. Police must follow strict legal guidelines to obtain these warrants and production orders.

At Posner, Craig, Stein, our drug offence lawyers excel in contesting the constitutional validity of search warrants, wiretap warrants, production orders, and other judicial authorizations that infringe on our clients’ privacy rights. Using our deep knowledge of search and seizure laws, we effectively navigate this legal area to ensure successful outcomes for our clients.


Effective cross-examination of police officers is essential in defending against drug charges and is a key component of our defence strategy. At Posner, Craig, Stein, our lawyers have extensive experience managing complex drug cases in Bradford and throughout Ontario.


When it comes to facing drug or narcotic offences in the Bradford area, Posner Craig Stein law firm stands out for several compelling reasons:


  • We boast a track record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients.
  • Our team excels in cross-examining police officers and possesses deep knowledge of police search powers.
  • Our pricing is highly competitive, ensuring value for our clients.


A drug conviction can have serious repercussions, including imprisonment, probation, and travel limitations. Therefore, hiring a seasoned criminal defence lawyer in Bradford is crucial. At Posner, Craig, Stein, we have successfully defended numerous drug cases and are dedicated to securing the optimal outcome for you. We grasp the gravity of the situation and the potential ramifications, particularly with the increasing severity of sentences for fentanyl offences in Bradford and across Ontario. Ensure that you have a knowledgeable drug offence lawyer by your side.


Posner, Craig, Stein represents clients facing drug and narcotic charges across Bradford and throughout Ontario.


Reach out to us for a private consultation at our office, over the phone, or through a virtual meeting to explore your legal options. Rely on the expertise of the Posner, Craig, Stein team, dedicated to defending your drug and narcotic case with skill and experience.


The sooner you hire the right criminal lawyer, the greater your odds of winning.

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